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2018 HHF Maple Season - Week 2 & 3

Posted 3/8/2018 7:50am by The Webb Family.

Greetings from all of us at Harding Hill Farm!

You know its good sugaring weather when I can’t even keep up with my weekly updates! For the sake of time, I’m combining my week 2 and week 3 update. It really is incredible how consistent the weather has been since our first boil on February 19th. Since that first day, there's only been four days where we didn’t fire up the evaporator. Last night we took a moment to just be home and settle in for what appears to be the biggest snowstorm of the season. Spring is only two weeks away... right?!

It’s been a tiring season, but we’re making a LOT of syrup. As of Tuesday night, our season total is just over 300 gallons! To put it in perspective, we try to make at least 500 gallons each year. Last year, we finished with 577 gallons. If this weather stays consistent through April, it could be a record season. Keep doing that maple dance… just don’t spill any syrup!  


Last weekend was our first advertised open sugarhouse. Thanks to all the friends, family, and other visitors that showed up to share in the early season fun! It was a busy Saturday followed by a slower but steady crowd on Sunday. The early season always gives us more quality time to visit with people around the evaporator. We've been making a delicious Dark Robust syrup, and many could attest to how amazing that hot syrup is right out of the canner. Tyler and I also shared some fun news with many of our returning customers… can you figure it out from the picture below?

Update for this coming weekend: Due to a family obligation, Tyler and I will not be at the sugarhouse on Saturday. However, we are still open for normal hours. Van and Robin are going to re-live the 1980s and 1990s while keeping the sugarhouse running! There might be a learning curve with our retail sales technology, but they are up to the task. We also recruited Faith to help with IT support just in case. It should be a great day to enjoy the fresh snow either on the slopes or in the woods, but be sure to stop in for an ‘apres’ shot of warm maple syrup. Also of note for this weekend only - grass fed beef is only available on Sunday. 

Haven’t had time for your annual sugarhouse visit? Don’t worry, there's plenty of sugar season ahead! We plan to be open to the public every weekend in March. Our typical hours are 10am till 4pm on Saturday and 11am till 4pm on Sunday. For the most current updates, be sure to find us on Facebook.

Upcoming Open Hours at the Sugarhouse...

Looking ahead, mark a few of these upcoming dates on your calendar to join us at the sugarhouse! 

March 9th & 10th - Maple Season is in full swing
Visit Van, Robin, and Faith as they take over operations on Saturday!

March 17th & 18th - Maple Season Continues!
Join us for a bit of St. Patty's Day fun

March 24th & 25th - Maple Weekend
Celebrate the traditional NH Maple Weekend with HHF!
Detailed tours and a variety of samples and snacks
Look for more details on Facebook!

Stay tuned with my weekly newsletter/blog and Facebook updates for the latest scoop. 

Are you a fan of our Grass Fed Beef?

We have a variety of retail cuts available for sugaring season. If you have a special request or a larger order, contact us ahead of time for a price list and availability. 

We enjoyed the sun earlier this week, but it looks like the snow is back! While we wait out the storm, just keep thinking of that spring warmth as we look ahead to the rest of maple and mud season. 

Sunny day naptime in the fresh shavings!

As always contact us with any questions, price sheet, or order requests.

Thank you again for your support, 

~ The Webb Family 

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