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Harding Hill Farm Updates, Open House & Meat Sale

Posted 10/17/2018 10:39am by The Webb Family.

Greetings from all of us at Harding Hill Farm,

Disclaimer: I wrote this on Monday - It takes me a few days to finish a task lately! Blame it on sleep deprivation and motherhood. 

It’s ANOTHER rainy day on the farm. Hard to believe we started the summer with drought conditions, yet now our fields are beyond saturated and rubber boots are a requirement to stay dry. Hopefully some sunny days are in our near future. In the meantime, we adapt and make the best of a soggy day to can syrup and work on fencing. Tyler’s tree job, utilizing a crane for removals, was rightfully delayed due to the weather.

Dreaming of blue sky autumn days...

It has been TOO long since my last blog/newsletter! I never anticipated how incredibly busy our year would be. As sugaring season wrapped up, we quickly changed gears to house moving. Tyler and I made the half mile move down to the main farm around May 1st. Let me tell you… moving at 7 months pregnant (even if it’s only half a mile) is not recommended! However, we are LOVING our proximity to our cow pastures and Tyler’s shorter (as if it wasn’t to begin with?) commute to work every day.

Those last couple months of pregnancy slowed us down a bit since I was helping less and less with farm tasks. My due date was July 24th, and that day came and went much to my dismay. Later that week, we sat on the back deck of the farmhouse having dinner with family. Forever multi-tasking, we were all on the lookout for woodchucks… an ongoing issue around the farm. I’m sorry if this offends anyone, but we do hunt a few here and there. Trust me, the population is strong! Now picture me at nine months pregnant, just finishing dinner and watching Ty get ready for a shot. He hesitates and I stop paying attention… a few seconds later, BOOM! Needless to say, that baby kicked. Van, Robin, Tyler, and I all joked that it was a true farmer way to start my contractions. I woke up at 3:30am the following morning in early labor, HA! For the record, he got the woodchuck too. On Saturday, July 28th we welcomed our son – Brooks Richard Webb – to the family!


August flew by while we were in a daze of sleep deprivation and adjusting to our new lifestyle. Brooks was a happy, healthy boy but I had a slower recovery. Ty took some extra time off to help out in those first weeks. On that note, THANK YOU to our many clients who patiently let us adapt the tree service schedule and delay some jobs as needed. In those same weeks, we were on calf watch and welcomed four new Belted Galloways to the herd. Thank goodness for family members all willing to pitch in when needed.

Van also completed a long list of infrastructure projects – upgrading several aspects of the main barn and shop barn and completing an expanded view cut across from the farmhouse. His efforts have definitely paid off! The farm is looking better than ever these days. 

As summer came to a close and autumn began, I finally felt well enough to appreciate my time on maternity leave (from my off-farm job) with Baby Brooks and take in all the enjoyment of living on the farm. It also gave me a better vantage point to keep watch on our cow herd. Tyler resumed a normal tree service schedule, catching up on delayed jobs. Van worked diligently to finish up the haying season and continue other farmprojects. We are lucky to have a reliable, hard-working team helping us complete our tree service jobs and other tasks around the farm. We also added a small addition to our house/garage to accommodate my two horses. Norman and Bam Bam are now on the farm enjoying fall pastures and settling in to their new lifestyle as well. I’m exhausted just looking back on it all, but we truly accomplished many goals so far this year and look forward to what the future may hold.

As a way of recording such a memorable summer on the farm, Van had a bit of fun with his friend, Peter Bloch, recording drone footage around the farm. Peter compiled a video of our logging project as well as haying on the farm. You can learn more about his local businesses at Earth Aerial Productions and We hope you enjoy this great display of our family farm traditions – you can view the videos at the following links:

Haying at Harding Hill Farm
Logging at Harding Hill Farm

Now that we have you excited about all aspects of Harding Hill Farm, you can join in on the fun at our second annual Fall Open House Beef/Syrup Sale. We open our farm to our friends and local customers on Saturday, October 20th from 10am till 2pm. There will be brief tours of the farm, including a chance to see our cows and calves up close. In the barn, I’ll have some delicious samples to share. A wide selection of our grass fed beef cuts and maple syrup bottles will be available to purchase. As an added bonus, you may even get to meet our little farmer in training!

HHF Fall Beef/Syrup Sale & Open House

Join us for our Fall Beef Sale Event! Our own grass fed beef and maple syrup available for purchase. I'll most likely have some delicious samples on hand too. 

Saturday, October 20th - 10am till 2pm

Take a tour to see our 'Oreo Cows' on fall pastures with their late summer calves. 

Grass Fed beef availability includes a selection of
steaks, roasts, sausage, ground beef, etc. 

*Ground Beef Sale*
Buy at least 5 pounds of ground beef and get 50 cents off per pound.

Maple Syrup available in plastic and glass containers, including our signature Lake Sunapee bottle. 

Contact us ahead of time for any large orders!
Visit our Facebook Event to share with friends and family.
Hope to see you there!


Thank you again for the continued support from our customers, friends, and family. You all help us keep this farm and family business running strong. If you are on the list for tree services before the end of the year, Tyler is working diligently to schedule and complete the jobs. We appreciate your patience! Also of note since we received a lot of emails - we are out of firewood for this season. Contact us in the spring for 2019 orders.

As always contact us with any questions, price sheet, or order requests. Don't forget to follow us on Facebook -

Thank you again for your support, 

~ The Webb Family

~Harding Hill Farm~
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